18th FE-FC Holden Nationals
10-13 April (Easter) 2020 | wangaratta, victoria | FE-FC Holden Car Club of Vic

Nats 2022

The New South Wales FE FC Holden Car Club has announced the venue for the 19th FE FC Holden Nationals here: https://youtu.be/JwcHcoYDZ4g

We wish the NSW Club all the best with their Nationals and hope all the entrants of the 18th Nats can attend!

Nats update - 17 May 2020

A message to all entrants of the 18th FE FC Holden Nationals.

The 18th FE FC Holden Nationals Committee has decided to cancel the event entirely.

While initially there was some hope of re-scheduling the event to 2021, the future is just not clear enough to reasonably commit to holding the event.

Planning for our 2020 event started back in 2016 and now, having been forced to cancel by our Government as a result of COVID-19, we no longer have any certainty that our event locations and accommodations will either be available or even in business in 2021.

Our biggest concern however, is for the health and well-being of our entrants. It appears the only way we can be certain of being COVID-19 free in the long term is by the development and distribution of a vaccine. This appears to be some time off yet, perhaps 12 months or more, which could again force a cancellation of a 2021 event.

We realise this is a disappointing outcome for all entrants and for the members of the Victorian FE FC Holden Car Club and certainly not what any of us wished for.

We do however look forward to the impending announcement by the FE FC Holden Car Club of NSW regarding the 19th Nationals in 2020.

Nats update - 8 April 2020

By now all entrants will be well aware that we have cancelled the 18th FE FC Nationals. It is very disappointing outcome after 4 years of planning and anticipation, especially as we got down to the last few weeks. We certainly appreciate the feedback provided by the Entrants and in some cases their generosity in donating their entry and merchandise fees towards the costs in preparing for the Nats.

We were also fortunate to have the support of some great sponsors such as the RACV and Rare Spares - they have continued to support us even though the Nats are cancelled.

So, by now almost all entrants should have been fully refunded. If you have not received your refund by Easter please email us and we will follow up.

As to the future of the 18th Nats?? Well, we don't really know at this stage. It depends on so much, especially how we, as a society, continue to be impacted by Covid-19. The current approaches of social isolation seem to be working but ultimately it looks like that until the world has a vaccine against this virus, we may still all be at risk.

As soon as the 18th Nationals Committee can give a clear decision on the 18th Nats we will do this by a direct email & SMS to the entrants followed by an update on our Webpage & a Facebook announcement.

Meanwhile, please be safe and stay healthy. We also need to look after our family and friends even if we can't physically interact, a phone call or Facetime  to maintain contact is essential for all of us to maintain our sanity. We are all fortunate to include our FE & FC Holden friends as part of our family.

The 18th FE FC Holden Nationals Committee,



Hi from the 18th FE FC Holden Nationals Committee,

Due to circumstances beyond our control and with deep concern for the health and well being of our Entrants, we advise that the 18th FE FC Holden Nationals have been cancelled.

The catalyst for this decision has been a directive from the Wangaratta City Council, who have withdrawn our Event permit, closed one of our principal venues and the ongoing COVID 19 health emergency.

The Committee is meeting this week and shall issue a formal statement to all entrants in the near future as to the status of refunds or the possibility of postponement to 2021.

We recommend you contact your Accommodation promptly to discuss your cancellation options.

If you have any inquiries please contact us using the Contact form


18th FE FC Nationals Committee

The FE-FC Holden Car Club of Victoria is proud to host the

18th FE-FC Holden Nationals in Wangaratta over Easter (April 10-13) 2020 

sponsored by 

Entries are now closed

Entries to the 18th FE FC Holden Nationals are now closed.

If you have any inquiries about entries please use the contact form or call us on mobile number:   Zero four eight two 434 two eight seven. Please call between 10am and 7pm.


The Nats HQ is at Advance Motel 55 Parfitt Rd, Wangaratta, and there are a number of other venues to suit every taste and budget.


The FE-FC Holden Nationals are open to financial members of the FE-FC Holden Car Clubs of Australia, and members of invited clubs. More...

Nationals Merchandise

Merchandise orders are now closed.

 If you have any inquiries about ordered merchandise please use the contact form or call us on mobile number:   Zero four eight two 434 two eight seven. Please call between 10am and 7pm.

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