About the Club


Our club is dedicated to the preservation of FE and FC model Holdens, original, restored or modified. It was formed in 1981, and we have over 100 members, from all over NSW (and beyond!)

We hold our own regular meetings and events, as well as participate in the FE-FC Holden Nationals - in fact we hosted the largest ever Nationals event in Orange, over Easter 2010, and more recently the 19th Nationals in Broken Hill.

Initial membership fee of $45 entitles you to all club benefits. Renewals thereafter are $40 per year. Club T-shirts, jackets and other merchandise are available. Members can also obtain access to the Concessional Rego Scheme (or "Club Plates"). We are registered to operate a Log Book Scheme for both authentic vehicles (HVS), or modified vehicles (CVS). Some rules apply (learn more).

You do not have to own an FE or FC to be a member, and if you do, it doesn't have to be a going concern. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the preservation of these model Holdens.

Remember, it's a lot easier and cheaper to learn from others' experience when restoring/rebuilding a car, so if you're in that position, don't wait until you've finished the car to join.   We can provide you with help in tracking down parts and suppliers, vehicle insurance and a lot of other knowledge, for both restoration and modification of these cars.  Restoring cars is not cheap, it might be the best $40 you ever spent.

And we have a lot of fun too.