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General Information

  1. How to identify an FE or FC from its ID plate.
  2. Decode your own FE or FC's ID plate
  3. GMH Paint Codes for FE & FC
  4. GMH Paint Numbers for FE & FC
  5. GMH Trim Numbers for FE
  6. GMH Trim Numbers for FC
  7. How to identify the different paint schemes on an FC
  8. How to estimate the manufacture date of an FE or FC from it's original Engine No.
  9. Original Nasco Accessories available for FE & FC Holden
  10. What did this colour look like? Try out the FE & FC Paint Tools to check out the original colours available, or for some inspiration for your project!

Technical Articles

  1. How to fit outer sills to an FE or FC Holden
  2. How to fit an HR Front End to an FE or FC Holden
  3. Understanding Fuels: Should I Use LRP or ULP?
  4. How to recalibrate your speedometer*
  5. "Supercharge!", by Eldred Norman - the complete "bible" on supercharging.**
    * Thanks to our friends at the South Sydney Early Holden Car Club for this article.
    ** Thanks to NSW Club Member Tony (IhadaV8) for obtaining the book and supplying it to us in soft-copy.
    *** Site managed by Tas and Vic Club member Rob (4hammers)

Technical Data

With many thanks to Phil Gray, you can find original specfications for:

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