Nasco Gear Lever Lock

Dealer Sales Description

The NASCO Gear Lever Lock for 'FE' and 'FC' Holdens gives your customers protection from theft. The sale of one gives youa tidy profit - so urge your customers to this popular accessory.

When this lock is fitted in pplace on the steering column it can be removed because two shear screws clamp the lock in position and, when fully tightened, the heads shear off, leaving the two attaching studs inaccessibly embedded in the lock housing.

A 1/4" hole is then drilled in the gear lever hub for te hardened steel locking pin and the job is completed by screwing off the heads of the shear screws. When locked, the gear shift is held in either Neutral or Reverse, and the whole transmission becomes inoperative.

The barrel lock cannot be broken either ... it is pick proof and unbreakable.

Part Number Description List Price
Nasco Anti-theft Gear Lever Lock
£6/-/- Plus Tax



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