Air Chief Radios

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Manual Control Vibrator
Manual Control Transistor
Push Button Transistor
Sturdily constructed, console tone, economically priced. Has clear all state dial for easier tuning. Powerful wide range reception, crystal clear and tone perfect. The star of car radios. At the touch of the button the high power transistor springs into life giving long range reception - undistorted reproduction.
Part Number Description List Price Installation Fee
Manual Control (Vibrator Type)
45 Guineas
£ 2/0/0
Manual Control (Transistor Type)*
50 Guineas
£ 2/0/0
Push Button (Vibrator Type)
£ 2/0/0
Push Button (Transistor Type)
55 Guineas
£ 2/0/0
Universal Air Chief Antenna
not applic

* not illustrated


Featured here are the various transistor and vibrator type Air Chief Radios tailored for the FE and FC Holden. The transistor models were introduced late in 1958, replacing the earlier vibrator (or valve) models. The vibrator model push button was identical in appearance, but the manual control had a larger dial. The transistor models can be identified by a bezel mounted clear crystal on the face panel, known in some of the Holden literature at the time as the 'Diamond Dot'.

Comments by Alex Smits and Richard Thomas

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