Club Plates

Our club offers Concessional Registration for Historic (original/restored/authentic) or Classic (modified) vehicles, otherwise known as Club Plates. Vehicle usage under either scheme is via the 60 Day Log-Book provided by the RMS.


There are a number of criteria that club members must meet, and there are limitations on the use of the vehicle imposed by the RMS, but the savings on an annual basis are significant. Yearly conditional registration is around $54 for Historic and $120 for Classic, including green slip.

In order to be eligible to apply for Club Plates under the Historic Vehicle Scheme, you must:

  • have a vehicle that is stock. Sorry, but the RMS do not allow modified vehicles to use HCRS club plates;
  • obtain a pink slip;
  • obtain a signed and stamped HVS form from the club's Registrar.

In order to be eligible for Club Plates under the Classic Vehicle Scheme, you must:

  • have your vehicle currently fully registered, with any engineer's certification it may require.
  • obtain a blue slip;
  • get a CVS form signed and stamped by the club's Registrar and by the CMC, (and pay the $25 processing fee to the latter)

In order to keep your Club Plates, you must:

  • pass a regular pink-slip inspection at renewal time;
  • obtain the appropriate HVS/CVS stamped form from the club's Registrar
    • the Registrar will need to see the rego papers and pink slip to record certain details as required by Roads & Maritime Services
  • (for CVS only) get the form processed by the CMC.


Further Reading

There are a number of documents (all in PDF format) that you should download if you need to know more about Club Plates: